5 Best PMP Books to Help You Prep Smarter

We all have our different techniques to prepare ourselves for an exam. Then again, preparation guides help to smoothen the journey for us. PMP or Project Management Professional Exams are one of the toughest exams. People need to study hard to pass the test with distinctive marks. There are a lot of PMP books out there to help you in this process. However, finding out the best books can be such a time waste for you.

Instead, we do that research and you utilize that time in exam preparation. So, by reviewing tons of books, we’ve listed the 5 best PMP books to help you prep smarter. We’ll provide all the ins and outs of the book so that you know well before purchasing any of them. Some might not be suitable for you.

You can avoid them if you think you’re already advanced enough to go through those books. Now, without further wasting your time, let us show you which PMP books we think are the best in the market.

1. Head First PMP

If you are fond of visual representations, then Head First PMP might be the best guide for you. This guide uses a lot of diagrams and graphical representations that makes the book more engaging. With the help of images, you can understand difficult concepts very easily. It also uses simple short explanations which will help you to remember the keywords in the exam.

However, if you’re someone who really loves to go in depth of each concept, this book might lose your attention. It might seem less of information then. Oversimplifying only works well when you possess enough knowledge about the topics, now you just need to skim over or prepare for PMP Dumps. So, it’s depended on your ability and preference to purchase this book. Other than we highly recommend it. 

2. PMBOK Guide

A lot of you ask, “What’s the ultimate guide that you must have for PMP Exams?” The answer is a PMBOK Guide. This book is probably the most informative and updated book out there for Project Managers. You’ll have to keep it even after the exam’s over for future reference. It is a wholly descriptive book with each and every topic explained in detail. Even if you don’t have any other study materials, this guide can alone pass you the exam.

Having various advantages, PMBOK Guide can be pretty boring. People who hate reading hundreds of texts together won’t like this book too much. You might find new case studies in this book, but it will disappoint you sometimes while you’re working on a project. Another concern regarding this guide is that there are very few practice questions in this book. This might upset you a little. 

3. Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep

Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam book can be considered as an advanced version of PMBOK Guide. It has a huge number of practice exercises. Some people skip the extra questions because they are just too many of them to finish. The book contains every possible topic that you need to cover for the exam though sometimes you might encounter advanced and harder topics than PMP Exam. 

The best thing about this book is that it acts like a real coach. Whenever you’ll start reading it, you’ll understand how easily it can draw your attention. The texts flow is such a way as if the book is talking to you. You’ll absolutely enjoy the transitions of each text and it’ll motivate you to study attentively.

A PMP Brain Dump side by side will also help you tremendously in the PMP exam. For more details, you can click on to CBTPROXY’s website where they have nicely covered every FAQ that might encounter an examinee’s mind.  

4. PMP Study Guide – Kim Heldman

Kim Heldman’s PMP Study Guide is different than the other guides in the market. It starts with an assessment test which allows you to understand the difficulty of the test. You can understand your position how much you need to prepare yourself for the exam. You’ll find some similarities in the structure with the PMBOK Guide. However, this book is written Process Group (PG) wise. If you’re starting off with this book for your PMP Exam, you won’t need to read the PMBOK Study Guide then. Kim has covered more in this book than the PMBOK. 

You’ll be thrilled to learn this book as it is wholly written in a conversational manner. Apart from language facilities, this book contains fewer graphics. You have to read this book entirely by text. For visualizing concepts, you have to check other references. This is the only downside you have to adjust.

5. PMP Study Guide – Joseph Phillips

Joseph Phillips has done a brilliant job in structuring the PMP Study Guide. He has included all of the top-rated study questions and question patterns so that you don’t miss out a single objective in the exam. It covers all the core topics such as Project Initiation, Integration Management, Communications, Risk Management, Quality Assurance, etc. You’ll receive two complete MasterExam practice sets with detailed answers and explanations. The book also has a score report performance assessment tool that will define your position. 

If you feel bored to open up the book, there’s even a better solution. The author has recorded free training on PMP Examination that is available within the book. So now you can get lessons direct from the writer! No wonder why this book made up to the 5 best PMP books to help you prep smarter. 


We’ve tried to mention all the pros and cons of each book so that you can choose one according to your type. You’ll definitely be benefitted by purchasing one of these 5 best PMP books to help you prep smarter.

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