How Much are Twitch Bits Worth?

Gaming is gaining more and more recognition with time. You can now earn your living with gaming. Besides indulging in matches, professional gamers around the world watch favorite player’s gaming in live streams. That’s where Twitch comes in to cater to gamers’ needs. 

Twitch is the biggest online streaming platform for gamers. Gamers prefer Twitch over YouTube. Though YouTube has a wide range of users and content, gamers want something only designed for them. Twitch allows them to venture through any game streaming they like. Whether it’s Counter-Strike or Dota 2, you’ll find your favorite game streaming at any time.

You can watch other gamer’s gameplay or can stream yours too. You can also earn from streaming. So, how do this works? How can you make money from streaming? There’re many ways you can earn money from streaming-Subscriptions, Bits and cheers, game sales, etc. you might be wondering what’s Bits and Cheers and is it worth enough to take it seriously. Don’t worry; we are here to give you everything you need to know about these.

How much do Twitch streamers make?

If you wonder how much your favorite Twitch streamer making, then let’s start with some popular streamers. With 16M+ followers, Ninja is the most popular Twitch streamer, followed by Tfue with 9M+ followers. So how much those streamers make? Felix Lengyel, aka. xQcOW with 4M subscribers is the highest-earning Twitch streamer of 2020, and it’s about 2M USD. So, where do these amounts of money are coming from? It comes from multiple sources, such as

  1. Subscriptions and view count
  2. Bits and cheers
  3. With merchandise
  4. Sponsoring and advertising
  5. From tournaments 

Not all streamers earn money right away from any of these sources. It takes time and creativity for gamers to attract more people to their streams. You may be familiar with the process of view count from YouTube. Viewers can support their favorite streamer with three different amounts of money. Twitch splits this money with streamers. Once you become popular enough, you can advertise, sponsor, and even start selling your own merchandise. Winning tournaments is also a form of earning.

But what are bits and cheers? This one interesting source you can earn directly from your subscriptions. We have broken the details about Twitch Bits and Cheers for you. Keep reading to find out everything about it.

What are Twitch Bits?

Twitch Bits are just a form of virtual currency. You can purchase or earn Twitch Bits in specific ways. With Twitch Bits, you can support your favorite streamer directly. After the Bits purchase, you can use them in chats as animated cheering emotes. Only with a comment or message, you’ll be able to support your favorite streamer. Depending on your support, Twitch offers a wide range of badges that recognize your support. As the badges upgrade, other users get a better understanding of the kind of user you are.

Bits Emotes 

As of now, you already got the idea of how Bits work. Let’s talk about the kind of Bits Emotes available and how to distinguish them.

Show your support with five different kinds of Bits emotes. It’s like a dollar bill. The worth of those emotes can be expressed with dollars too. Here’s the type of Bits emotes available in Twitch.

  1. Gray-colored Emotes are like a one-dollar bill. If you’re donating Bits 1 to 100, a gray animated emote will appear in the chatbox.
  2. The purple one works like a hundred dollar bill. You can buy 100 Bits and use them at once or break and use them as single gray-gray colored bills.
  3. One animated cyan emote is worth a thousand gray-colored emotes.
  4. With the value of Bits, animated Emotes get bigger. The blue ones worth as much as 5000 gray-colored emotes.  
  5. The highest currency paper on twitch is 10000 Bits. The giant red-colored animated star is the biggest one available.

These are the standard form of distinguishing Bits. You can customize those emotes with the given options. You can add 

So, the question is how to get Twitch bits. There are lots of ways to earn Twitch Bits, and some of them are free. To learn the process of purchasing Twitch Bits and the scope of getting them freely, click here to read all about it.

How much are Twitch bits worth?

Want to get your badge upgraded by supporting your favorite gamer? It’s just one click away. You already learned a bunch of things about Twitch Bits. We know; there still a couple of questions circling around your head. Like how much you’re spending and how much is the streamer gets. The money you’re spending depends on how much you’re buying.

You already know that 100 bits come at 1.4USD. If you do the math, 1 Twitch Bit cost you 1.4cent. Twitch confirms that every time a viewer spends 1 bit, the steamer gets 1 cent. That means your favorite gamer gets the most of what you’re spending. So, if you buy 100 bits and spend them all together as one purple emote, the streamer will get exactly 1 USD. Here’s the list of bits and the equivalent money the streamer is getting.

The bits you SpendEquivalent value streamer gets (USD)

This system made Twitch different from every other streaming site. While other sites earning depends solely on view counts and ads, Twitch opened something more interactive and direct. If you want to support someone with 10USD in Twitch, All you have to do is type cheer1000. It will give a five-second confirmation time, and you’re done. 

Twitch Chat Badges

As a viewer, The more you cheer, the more you’ll unlock badges. It gives you recognition. These badges will help others to distinguish you from ordinary subscribers. It often opens doors to connect with your favorite gamer. So, keep cheering and win hearts everywhere you go. 

Final Words

In short, whether you’re a viewer or a streamer, Twitch’s Bits and Cheering is a system where everybody wins. We hope now you have a better understanding of how Twitch Bits work and its worth.

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